Case Management

What is Case Management?

Case management is a service provided by EFA that helps HIV+ clients access the resources they need to live a more healthy life.  Case managers provide linkage to primary care, medications, supportive services, housing, food and other community resources.

Case Management Team

How do you get into Case Management?

If you are HIV-positive and live in Missouri, call Linkage To Care at 314-356-0200.  This is your first step to being connected to care and living well with HIV.

Types of Case Management

EFA offers the following types of case management provided in the state of Missouri:

General Case Management:  Comprehensive case management services for clients that do not fall into a specialized level of case management.  

Spanish Speaking Case Management:  Provides case management services for clients whose primary language is Spanish.

Co-located Case Management:  Provides case management access to clients at their primary care physician site.  We currently have co-located case managers at the follow sites:                   

Dr. David Parks Central West Healthcare
Dr. David Prelutsky Southampton Healthcare
Dr. Mark Scheperle University Club Medical
Drs. Matt German & William Campbell Medical Specialists of St. Lukes
Dr. William Summers Summers Healthcare


Waiver Case Management:  Provides more intensive case management services to clients that are dealing with health issues which may prevent them from managing independently in their home.  Waiver case managers authorize services in the home through the Medicaid AIDS Waiver Program to prevent clients from having to consider more restrictive living options.

Transitional Case Management (TCM):  Provides services to offenders in six southeastern area correctional institutions.  Up to six months prior to release from the correctional institution, the case manager visits the client in prison to educate and inform them about available resources in the community.  The TCM then follows up with the client up to six months after release from prison to ensure linkage to primary care and other needed resources.

Resource & Referral Case Management:  Provides linkage to Ryan White services for clients who are more able to independently navigate the system.