Reb Ribbon Partnership

For over 30 years, Saint Louis Effort for AIDS (EFA) has been promoting a compassionate  response to HIV/AIDS in the St. Louis community by providing education, testing, and comprehensive support services to those affected by the disease.

By pledging to join the Red Ribbon Partnership, you will be providing sustainable access to the critical services needed by those living with HIV/AIDS. Your monthly gift will ensure those living with HIV/AIDS will have the support they need to help them live their best lives possible. 

Throughout the year, Red Ribbon Partnership members will receive invitations to partnership-specific open houses at EFA, as well as special opportunities for EFA events. But most importantly, partners will know that their contributions will provide on-going support for services that are essential to the well-being of those we serve.

Partnership members can pledge a monthly contribution in any amount from $10 and up per month, and help with a miriad of services - from providing vetertinary care and medication for pets in the PAWS program, to case management support for EFA clients, to HIV/STI testing and treatment.  No matter the size of the gift, the impact will be priceless. 

Commit today.  Join today.  Your partnership with EFA will start bringing brighter tomorrows. 

Click here to open and download a Red Ribbon Partnership brochure and enrollment form.


Red Ribbon Partnership