Community Engagement and Development

Fun facts about Bill:

LOVES St. Louis Cardinals' Baseball.

Has 3 German Shepherd fur-babies: Morgan, Peyton and Roman.

Is a trivia nerd.

Loves rollercoasters; the faster, the better.

Is obsessed with the Supernatural.


Bill Dahlkamp

Director of Community Engagement & Development

Fun facts about Lauren:

Would read all day, every day if possible.

Being picked up by a madman in a flying, time-traveling blue Police box would make her life perfect.

Had to stop collecting teapots because she ran out of space to store them.

Loves to knit and has a project she's been working on for nearly 5 years.

Has multiple fiction novels in progress and will finish one, one of these days.


Lauren Clancy

Development Coordinator

Fun facts about Shamel:

Has the worlds best daughter-dog; she is a 10 pound yorkie, named Peyton.

Thinks owls are the best animals ever created.

Loves Fall, and everything that's included, such as Halloween, pumpkin pie, leaves, jackets and weather.

Thinks make-up is an artistic expression.

The 3rd of 13 siblings.


Shamel Robinson

Marketing & Events Coordinator

Fun facts about Kaytlin:

Was born in Japan on a military base and lived there for three years before ever coming to the US.

Plays the trumpet; plays Echo Taps with her mother at Memorial Day services, and has played Taps in several military funeral services.

Has a dog-child named Frank who is part Corgi, part unknown.

Camped for 20 days on a bicycle/road trip from Southern Illinois to Colorado with her best friend and her partner.

Doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up, and has no intention of growing up any time soon.

Kaytlin Reedy-Rogier

Manager of Volunteer Services





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