Fun facts about Cheryl:

Grew up in the high-mountain deserts of Nevada.

Loves Dobermans and Dachshunds.

Thinks her Kale Green Kia Soul is a spaceship.

Would rather be gardening.

Loves Utah's mountains and red rock country.


Cheryl R. Oliver

Executive Director

Fun facts about Bill:

An EXTREME Buffalo Bills football fan.

Loves riding his motorcycle.

Favorite relaxation is fishing.

Enjoys gardening and landscaping.

Has three beautiful Shar-Pei - Lela, Titan & Dazsa.


Bill Harris

Office Manager / IT Coordinator

Fun facts about Ann:

HATE'S having her picture taken!

Loves spending time with family and friends, especially her beautiful Granddaughters.

Enjoys bowling, fishing and playing card games.

Has a very healthy respect for spiders and snakes.

Has two sassy cats that take turns ruling the roost.



Ann Simmons

Administrative Support




Client Services

Community Engagement and Development

Prevention Services