Fun facts about Dale:

Loves to swim.

Sang with the "Living Water" group in college.

Took nine years to get his BA in Sociology but only four to get an MA in Legal Studies.

Went to Costa Rica alone without speaking a word of Spanish.

Is a Certified Paralegal.


Dale Wrigley

Director of Engagement & Advocacy and CAC

Fun facts about Chelsea:

Studied Spanish and Social Work in Guatemala.

Roasted marshmallows over lava while hiking a volcano.

Plays violin (Performed once at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis, but now just plays for her apartment building).

From Minnesota and LOVES cold weather sports.

Has a motorcycle endorsement on her License.


Chelsea Arnott

Project Manager, ACCESS Project Consortium

Fun facts about Sade:

Believes crafting is a way of life and inspires to be on Craft Wars.

Believes her Granny's cooking is so good, she could make paper taste good!

Knows hair is the ultimate accessory (see picture!)

Wishes she could teleport or have some other mutant power; reading minds, shape shifting, or absorbing energy.

Loves French culture, and her favorite French historical moments are the reign of Louis XIV, aka Louis the Grand, aka le Roi-Soleil (the Sun King) and the Reign of Terror.


Sade Hobson

Certified Application Counselor

Fun facts about Tabasha:

Drove trucks in the Army National Guard.

The Exotic Angels Motorcycle Social Club was founded by her.

Rides a Honda CBR 600 motorcycle.

A massive collection of flip-flops litters her home.

Three beautiful children call her "Mom".

Tabasha Holloman

Certified Application Counselor


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Community Engagement and Development

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