Prevention Services

Fun facts about Carolyn:

Has performed as a fire spinner (has also lit her pants on fire while performing).

As a child, aspired to be either a brontosaurus or an attorney.

Is scared of clowns and the idea that space is infinite.

Stays fit by training and competing in triathalons.

Enjoys making art and jewelry out of recycled and "found" objects.

Carolyn Guild Johnson

Director of Prevention Services

Fun facts about Kevin:

The proud father of Kevin L. Bailey.

Believes that you're always a student and has a desire to go to Law School.

Loves to travel.

Owns a cemetery & a funeral services company.

Believes that, "What you are looking for is looking for you."

Kevin B.

Program Coordinator

Fun facts about David:

When he's watching TV, he tunes it to "Family Guy."

Anything Lynn A. creates is his favorite dessert (*see client services).

Lover of music who once produced local rap artists.

The U.S. Army knew him as a combat medic, treating wounded soldiers.

After 16 long years, cut his dreadlocks, making him virtually unrecognizable.

David H.

Mobile Outreach Coordinator

Fun facts about Cyrano:

Ice fishing in Minnesota is one of his favorite pastimes.

Earned a degree in Electrical Engineering.

In a former life, he was a technical product designer.

A project on the human eye earned him 1st place in his sixth grade Science Fair.

Provided the unruly an exit from a nightclub as a bouncer.


Cyrano J.

Testing Coordinator

Fun facts about Matt:

Plays classical violin and has performed at weddings.

Will run outside whether it's 20 or 100 degrees.

Has ran a half marathon.

Will set an alarm to end in odd numbers only.

Has a miniature pinscher, named Pee-Wee, who doesn't like loud noises, toys, playing, sudden movements, curse words, swimming, thunder, rain, long walks, other dogs, wind chimes, grooming, hard surfaces, getting dirty, being cold, lettuce without salad dressing, and less than 12 hours of sleep.


Matt S.

WMSM Program Coordinator



Client Services

Community Engagement and Development