PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support)

PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support), a program of EFA, provides resources to people living with HIV/AIDS so they can keep pet companions as long as possible.  PAWS strongly supports the deep bond of family between people and pets. PAWS strives to ensure that clients do not experience the loss of pets due to financial hardship, lack of transportation or hospitalization.  Pets are truly a source of unconditional love and support that is irreplaceable to people living with HIV/AIDS.

How PAWS Helps People and Their Pets

  • Supplies pet food, heartworm and flea and tick prevention medications

  • Provides discounted veterinary services through PAWS partner vets

  • Facilitates pet education for people with suppressed immune systems

  • Coordinates transportation to veterinary appointments

  • Foster care and re-homing assistance for their pet if necessary

How You Can Help PAWS

  • Donate gift cards for pet food and supplies

  • Financial donation

  • Assistance on food day

  • Delivery of food and supplies

  • Transportation of pets

  • Emergency foster care


For more information, please contact Melissa Alper at 314-333-6660.